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BSN Santa Fe

Providing innovative surveying and testing services you can trust to save time and money on all your construction projects throughout New Mexico!

BSN Santa Fe services

Count on BSN - the Construction Engineering Professionals in New Mexico - to get the job done right.

BSN Santa Fe Construction Engineering Services throughout New Mexico

Surveying & Construction Staking

BSN Santa Fe knows the stakes are high for your next project. Choose the construction surveying and staking experts in New Mexico. Our surveyors help you stay on time and budget with accurate data so your construction team can meet deadlines. 

Certified Materials Testing

Materials testing and engineering are the bedrock of sustainable construction across New Mexico. BSN’s field technicians will be at your project site when you need us to test materials to insure compliance with project specifications.  Your samples are tested at our AASSHTO and CCRL accredited laboratory staffed by experienced engineers and technicians.

– Land Surveys
– Easements
– Plats
– Official Recordings

– Construction Staking
– Rough Grade Staking
– Site Layout Staking
– Project Planning

– Concrete Testing
– Asphalt Testing (HMA)
– Aggregates

– Accredited Laboratory

Geotechnical Analysis & Certification

From the ground up, BSN Santa Fe provides sensible and innovative solutions to geotechnical engineering challenges. Whether a preliminary site assessment, subsurface investigation, or construction materials testing, partner with BSN Santa Fe on all phases of your next public or commercial project.

Other Specialized Engineering Services

BSN Santa Fe Specialized Inspections for Commercial and Industrial Construction

From special inspections to Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) our commitment to accuracy is the bedrock of your construction success. Our special inspection services include soils, concrete, masonry, reinforcing steel, structural steel, and high-strength bolting. 

– Geotechnical Analysis
– Foundation Recommendations
– Constructability Reviews

– Subsurface Exploration
– Groundwater Modeling
– Procurement

– Laboratory Soil Testing
– Sinkhole Assessments
– Constructability Reviews

– Pavements
– Logistics Planning
– SWPPP Management