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Testing: Materials, Geotech & Water

BSN Santa Fe provides accurate, complete and reliable test results in the shortest possible time to help clients avoid these negative outcomes and finish projects without delays. 

When you need construction materials testing, geotechnical analysis, or water testing, the materials used in construction must have the properties required in the building code and project specifications to ensure they behave as intended and fulfill their purpose in the finished project.

The use of improper materials decreases the useful life of a structure, compromises the designed purpose, and undermines the soundness of the structure.

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Construction Materials Testing

Commercial Construction Materials Testing BSN Santa Fe
BSN Santa Fe construction materials testing and analysis

Our materials technicians have the expertise to provide you with the exemplary service you’ve come to expect from BSN. Our staff maintain certifications through the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the NMDOT’s Technician Training and Certification Program (TTCP).

Feel confident that when you call on BSN to test your soils, concrete, aggregate, or asphalt, you can trust the results. We’re committed to accurate testing, timely reporting, and making your project a success.

BSN Santa Fe’s AASHTO-accredited materials testing laboratory is staffed by our experienced technical lab manager and is certified by our licensed professional engineers licensed in New Mexico.

Materials Testing Areas of Expertise

  • Quality Assurance/Quality
  • Control
    Compaction (density) Testing
  • Moisture Density Relationship (Proctor) Analysis
  • Soil and Aggregate Gradations
  • Atterberg Limits and Plasticity Index
  • Earthwork Observation & Testing
  • Materials Classification
  • Estimated R Value
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Sampling and Laboratory Testing
  • Asphalt and Concrete Coring

Geotechnical Testing & Analysis

BSN Santa Fe SWPPP Management, Training, and More Civil Engineering Services
Geotechnical Analysis by BSN Santa Fe

From the ground up, BSN Santa Fe provides sensible and innovative solutions to geotechnical engineering challenges.

Whether a preliminary site assessment, subsurface investigation, or construction materials testing, partner with BSN Santa Fe on all phases of your next public or commercial project.

Geotech Areas of Expertise

• Geotechnical Analysis
• Subsurface Exploration
• Laboratory Soil Testing
• Pavement Analysis
• Foundation Recommendations
• Groundwater Modeling
• Sinkhole Assessments
• Logistics Planning
• Constructability Reviews
• Procurement

Water Testing & Analysis

BSN Santa Fe added Indepth water testing services in 2022. Visit for our menu of water tests and pricing. Together, BSN Santa Fe and Indepth offer accurate and timely water test results for you.

Water Testing Areas of Expertise

• New Pipelines
• Public & Private Water Systems
• Homeowner Wells
• Common Drinking Water Problems and Solutions
• State-Certified Microbiological Lab

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